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Jan 2, 2023

Dear Eva:

You were my sweetie. You took after your Lemon beagle birth mother, Honey. Your father was a tri-colored beagle named Joey (also your brother Indiana Jone’s father).

Born on May 28th, 2010: you were the scrawniest of the litter of seven.

I first saw you in a cage where your brothers and sisters were stepping all over you: I knew you were “the one”.   

You, little girl, were a “scootch”: always excited to go for a walk, constantly sniffing for bunnies but never really wanting to catch one.

You’re the only puppy I’ve ever known who, when a toy was thrown, would run to get the toy and then run away in another direction.

You were my “little girl” Eva, Jones Walker and you were never one to “fetch”. 

You loved to play during treat time, where we would “dance around the treat” until you were able to grab it (and not sure if you noticed, but you always won the treat).

You loved to sleep on the top of the couch and in the morning would always make the effort to “army crawl” on your belly, up from the bottom of the bed to see us.

Yours was a life of a princess, and you were always the one in charge.

I’ll miss you every day. You filled our lives with such incredible joy.

“Hey, Sweetie? Wanna go for a WALK?”. Tree-si-so.