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Jun 19, 2015

It was a perfect day for a run in New England.  Presented by the Squannacook River Runners, this is the 24th running of the Groton Road Race.


Being a runner feels different for me now. The universe is undergoing entropy…and I’m a part of that universe. I can’t go home again, but I can get back to where I once belonged…even if, when I get there…I’m not the same runner I used to be.  That’s okay, that’s a good thing.


These people, this race, that feeling of being a participant in something great and fun… it’s so much of what I’ve missed about running.  Happiness is feeling accepted…it’s being with others who live their lives to the top.  It’s the charm, the spell or the mojo of a moment in time.


I had a fantastic time at the Groton Road Race, aka “The Mojo au Groton”.  It was great to get together with Deb, Doug, Donna, Kathy, Jay, John, and Jack. 


“Start, Finish and Have Fun”. Is there a better way to describe the purpose of a road race? Medals and prizes, trophies and awards are wonderful to achieve, but at the core of it: the reason to run a race should have this higher purpose.




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