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Mar 8, 2015

This is a transformative journey that we’re taking together, so it might help you to understand the context of this journey if you could understood a bit more about where I’ll be running.


In better understanding the mindset of the host and location of this podcast, you’ll better understand how your own terroir, or sense of place, affects your own journey.  


You live where you do for reasons beyond mere choice or accident.  Maybe you’re there because of work, or family, or because you like the temperature of the Mojitos, but at some level you are where you are because you want to be there.  


It’s not just because I’ve grown up in New England that makes me want to be here; it’s not just the people whom I care about: family and friends who for whatever reason call New England their home; it’s because this place has, to a great extent, made me who I am. I fit in well here, in fact: despite my complaining about the cold and snow, I actually thrive here.


Well, maybe “thrive” isn’t the right word, but I do feel that I “need” to be here, and maybe that’s enough.  


This is “New” England, but it’s not just a state in the Unite, it’s a state of mind.


I am a New England runner. These rolling hills and colonial  pathways will be the stage for my return to the road, as I run through time and space to get back to where I once belonged:  living my life to it’s top, opening my squeaky door and finding comfort in a place I’ll call home.




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