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Feb 14, 2015

This is part one of a two part episode.  I’ll publish the second part at the end of the year.


In the last episode of Phedippidations I talked about getting back to a metaphysical place where I once belonged: a "home" where I was once happy and healthy.  For lack of a better term I called this a “transformative journey” and said that I wasn’t doing this to specifically lose weight or get healthier, but to regain that passion I once had for this sport and to feel like a member of the running community again.  In returning to the road, health and happiness will be a welcome side effect.


Today I'd like to talk a little bit about those side effects.


When you head out on a geographical journey, you can usually tell when you’ve arrived at your destination.  En route to Key West, I knew that I had arrived when Route 1A ended and the bartender at The Green Parrot handed me a cold margarita.


What does it mean to be happy and healthy?  What is the measure of such happiness and health? If this is a journey, I should know where I’m starting out so that when I get to the place where I once belonged, I’ll know that I’ve arrived.


A true measure of health has to involve more than just vital clinical statistics. It’s got to be a measure of internal and external physical conditions including: how active we are, how well we sleep, how well our mood is, how much energy we have, and probably most importantly: “the overall quality of our current life experience”.


In the Fall, we’ll look back on these measurements to see if I’ve improved in any areas of my health and happiness. 


That's kind of a big IF by the way.  I’m going to be reminding you, as we go along, that life is not predictable.  I can wish, pray, burn incense, make offerings to my favorite magical beast or intergalactic ruler...but none of those things are going to ensure a beautiful future.


Hope is good, I hope that in a year from now I'm running with you at road races somewhere the world...but “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride” and if I want to be Steve Runner again, I'm going to have to make it happen myself.  No meaningless incantation or holistic paranormal make believe supernatural overlord is going to intercede in reality and grant me health and happiness.


Here I am, all 222 unhealthy pounds of me, ready to take the first step of many to return to the road, and it all starts with a measure of health.







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