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Jan 13, 2015

I “once belonged” to a community of fellow runners. I understand that many of you and this association have always considered me to be a member of the “run local, think global” team, but I haven’t felt that way for some time. That’s my problem, and it’s okay, that’s going to change.


I “once belonged” out on twelve mile long run around my town, through the hills of an Old New England farm trail, past the birthplace of the “Angel of the American Civil War Battlefield”, Clara Barton, past St. Roch’s Church and the Roman Catholic congregation that I left a few years ago, past our town library, built in eighteen sixty-nine where I wrote the first scripts for Phedippidations and then past the hearthstone marker of the Johnson homestead, where John Johnson and his three children were massacred in sixteen ninety-six.


I “once belonged” to a group of running podcasters and bloggers in a “run net community” of content creators who spoke and wrote about their passion for the sport.


I “once belonged” but I lost my way.


Here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to “get back to where I once belonged”.


So how is this going to work? How am I going to get back to where I once belonged?


One step at a time.


Phedippidations is now, in a way, a documentary about my getting back into running. The health, peace of mind and happiness is all a wonderful side effect: but the mission is clear. This is not going to be any kind of a “self help” podcast…If I make recommendations, it’s only because I’m following my own advice.


I’m not setting my sights on a marathon or even a specific finishing time in any duration road race…I simply want to get back to where I once was…where I couldn’t wait to lace up my shoes and get 5 in, where I counted the days until my next road race…not because I wanted to set a PR, that was the old home…the home I can’t go back to…this time, I want to run my next race to participate…to feel like I’m a part of something….to get back to where I once belonged.




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