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Dec 25, 2014

Episode twenty-three of Phedippidations, which was published on December 18th, Anno domini 2005 was titled “Cold Weather Running”.  


I guess you could consider this a bit of an update to that recording.  While some of the information I covered back then was useful, I think I my have missed some Key (West) points that should be made more clear...and furthermore, I think that the way that show was produced...specifically …WHERE it was recorded, could be improved upon.


Thus I can think of no better place to record an episode about running across the Frozen White Wasteland than from this barren, remote and isolated speck of an island at the end of the East Coast of the United States...a little place first known as "Bone Cay" for the littered piles of skeletal remains found here by Ponce de León in 1521.


And so while it might be a bit strange for me to talk about cold weather running from here in Key West, it may help to get you in the mood by listening to a nine year younger and significantly COLDER version of me giving you some basic tips about dressing for the tundra.





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