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Nov 16, 2014

We live in the age of the selfie and self promotion.  Social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Podcasts: allow us to share so much of our lives, and we…in posting such content assume that there’s someone out there who cares…or maybe we just hope they do.  

For better or worse, we’ve become a society of exhibitionists, sometimes even boastful of our situation and accomplishments.  I disagree with the Christian view that pride is one of the so called “seven deadly sins”  I agree with Aristotle that is is the crown of virtue, not to be confused with vanity…although…let’s be honest, sometimes there is a bit of vanity involved in the self promotion that all of this new technology allows us.

But when it comes to fitness trackers, heath apps and the ability to record and sometimes share our every step, stride and vital statistics…I think there’s something else going on.  In a way, I think we’re looking to improve ourselves through technology by better understanding our behavior as a way to change our lives for the better.

This is the self quantified life.  A way of using fitness trackers, smart phone applications and other accessories to constantly monitor and record the way you use your body with the goal of helping you to improve your behavior. 

The quantified self is all about better understanding our physical behavior as a way to improve the physical condition of this organic machine we inhabit, as we experience the universe around us and live our lives to the top.

So go ahead and tweet your progress, post your race results on Facebook, share physical improvements with your social media connected friends…and share with the world your quantified self.


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