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Sep 24, 2014

On the Fox News website a few weeks ago, Dr. Jennifer Landa, wrote an article “How Endurance Running Can Damage Your Health”. Dr. Landa is an excellent physician.  She’s the Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD, a franchise of doctors specializing in bioidentical hormone therapy. 


In this episode of Phedippidations, I’m going to refute Dr. Landa’s arguments by applying a healthy dose of skepticism to her craftily…and well worded arguments.  But unlike my usual vitriolic attacks pointing out the blatant logical fallacies presented an article…and I must tell you, Dr. Landa has made many weak transgressions here…I’m going to try and be “fair and balanced”.


I say try…I’m not on par with Dr. Landa’s intelligence: but I think I’m pretty good at refutations…so, I’ll give it a shot.


It’s good to warn readers about the dangers of any activity…but you absolutely MUST comment on the validity of the proof.  That wasn’t done here, and that’s both egregious and misleading.


It’s important, to me at least, that I make the declaration that “I don’t know everything”.  I’ll defer to Dr. Landa on all of the subjects of which she is an expert…but if you’re making an argument with poor reasoning, then the burden of proof is with you….and that’s the truth no matter what FOX says.




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