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Jul 17, 2014

Today, on Phedippidations I’m going to teach you three things, and I mean REALLY teach you…you can’t flunk this course, and if you already know something (or a lot of things) about wine, then consider this a refresher.  Our syllabus is as follows:


In the first chapter I’ll tell you how to taste wine, nothing fancy: just the basics…and I know you probably think this is intuitive, but tasting wine takes practice, as we’ll discuss.


In the second chapter, I’ll tell you three important wine terms that you need to know when talking about wine…and finally


In the third and final chapter, I’ll tell you three rarely used, high level terms and concepts that when used in the right situation, will make those who you are talking to, believe that you are on par with a master sommelier…a wine expert…in other words, just by using these phrases convincingly, you will gain “wine cred”.


The thing about wine is that it’s really, just another thing in the universe to appreciate like music, art and nature.  In a way, this episode isn’t about promoting the consumption of wine: I understand all too well that there are many of you out there who can’t stand the taste of the stuff, and others who can’t or won’t drink it…fair enough: but there’s got to be something out there in this incredible universe you can experience on a deeper level.  I have many passions, running is just one of them…and so is the topic of wine.


But there’s much more to wine, than just wine…it’s a topic that’s complex and vast covering thousands of years of human history and a globalization that has changed the way that millions of people consume and experience it.  You need not be a wine expert to have an opinion about wine…you just need to know a few basic concepts and have a willingness to be open to the experience of wine, from the vineyard to the bottle and the glass. Wine is for geeks, wine is for experts wine is for newbies.




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