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Jun 9, 2014

The thing about human beings that strikes me as both wonderful and fascinating: is our capacity for change.  If you asked me ten years ago would I ever “own” a dog, I’d have laughed at the notion.


Today, the reality is that I do not “own” Eva…she owns me…or better put, we own and love each other.


Eva Jones is many things: but most of all, most importantly of all: she is, to me: an example of the good animal I could be.  


She is a perfect example of love and joy…and she’ll always be that way for me.  People change…I’ve changed over the years in some ways for the worse, in some ways for the better…but Eva has…for the past four, been an important constant in my life.


This episode concludes with a eulogy for a friend.  The greatest biffer I’ve ever known, and someone who taught me the importance of living your life to the top.




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