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Feb 22, 2014

In the course of our discussion today, we’re going to talk about many things: determination, dedication, will power, and wanting it.  What I will not be able to do, is convince you to meet your goal.  It wouldn’t matter if I made the most perfect, passionate, logical argument as to why you should train for and run a road race or marathon, why you should climb the tallest mountain, swim the widest ocean, win the most prestigious award or even drop 40 pounds.


I might make you feel guilty for not trying.  I might make you feel like a lump of poo because you refuse to rise off your COUCH OF DOOM…but you know how that old saying goes: You can lead a horse to water….but you can’t make him swim the backstroke.


What do you want…and do YOU, whatever YOU are, really want it…or is it, as science seems to suggest, merely a calculated process in the computer that is your brain, giving you the illusion that you want it?


If you say you want something….to finish your first 10K or lose 40 pounds, is it really your decision or is it some biologically programmed expression of “will” that is anything but “free”?


These are good and interesting questions, but the bigger question relative to what we want is this: If we are complex biological computers without free will, can we program ourselves to really want something?




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