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Jan 31, 2014

This is my response to an article published in the November 12th edition of the “Wall Street Journal” titled “OK, You’re a Runner. Get Over It” by Chad Stafko…and while I’ll try to keep it civil, I can’t promise I won’t lean over the line of anger.  What I can promise, both you and Stafko is that I won’t make a single logical fallacy with anything I’ll have to say.  The burden of proof in the matter of Stafko vs. Fellow Runners is most completely with Chad: my place here is to merely point out what a really inexcusably bad argument he has made.  Keeping it civil will be my secondary priority. 

Fat, stupid, lazy…these are just some of the words that best describes the embarrassing Chad Stafko.  Today’s episode will not only appease Stafko’s selfish need for attention visa-vi this insulting manifesto…but will demonstrate the complete lack of honesty, logic and rational thought from the pudgy grease stained author.

I have a theory, supported by the hypothesis I will present in this podcast: That Chad Stafko is a sad and deluded person.


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