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Dec 7, 2013

I’m here with my family and friends…at place we consider to be the happiest place on earth. This is Key West.

Why this is our happy place is the focus of this episode, and before you get the wrong idea: this show wasn’t sponsored by the Key West Travel Bureau…I understand that many of you have your own personal paradise’s…but this is mine.

I’ve only been here once before, about a year ago, in March of 2012, for only three days. Long time listeners to Phedippidations might remember episode 287 titled “Hemingway’s Key and Life to its Top”.  We’ll I’m back again, and this time we’re spending a full week.Key West is 129 miles southwest of Miami, and 94 statute miles north of Cuba.  The city is smaller than New York’s Central Park and it’s official motto is “One Human Family”.

Mile marker zero of US route 1 is located at 490 Whitehead Street, here in Key West, Florida.

It’s the beginning of the road for this major east coast US Highway which runs 2,369 miles (or 3,813 km) all the way north to Fort Kent, Maine…the take out point for those of us who have canoed the Allagash River Waterway in the Northern Maine Woods.

Fort Kent was the end of the road for a family camping trip I once cherished; with my Dad, and Nephew John Glenn…you’re welcome to listen to Fdip198 recorded in the summer of 2009 titled “Walking by Henry David Thoreau”…but for me, that’s all in the past.  The World has Moved on…and there’s nothing there I care to listen to or dwell upon.

Here in Key West I’m marking a new beginning.  

That so much of my life could changed in the years since I last strapped my canoe to the roof of my Jeep four years ago would have seemed hard to believe back then.  But here we are, a few thousand days and miles ago and away: where I’m standing at mile zero of route 1, ready to make a new start, at the beginning of the road…where my Life 2.0 began.

The last time I was here I talked to you about Life 2.0; and while I wasn’t really sure where that would lead me…it’s good to be back in Key West…a place that is, for me not only paradise, but the starting line for a new challenge and change.

I’m going to become Steve Runner, again.


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