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Oct 31, 2013

I see the act of running as a pathway to a special state of consciousness that allows us to "expose and undo our hidden fears and hopes", to "befriend who we are are".

Doctor George Sheehan knew alot about this...but you have to really listen carefully to what he's actually saying in order to understand.

I'm about to read from you one of the most controversial, in my opinion anyway, chapters of his now classic book "Running and Being - The Total Experience" published by Second Wind II LLC.  It’s a book that you simply must own.

The chapter I’ll read is titled "Meditating"...and as you start to listen to it many of your are going to disagree completely with his premise.

That's why you have to listen have to think about what he's saying and look for yourself in those words.  He begins talking about the importance of solitude and how, on the road, we remove ourselves from the influence of both love and hate. On the surface, that seems somehow selfish and anti-social; and to that Dr. Sheehan will agree, but not in the way you might think.

When you run...YOU run.  You take your heart, mind and soul...whatever YOU really are...and you use it.  The meditation comes when distractions are minimized.  Pema Chodron is absolutely correct: meditation allows you to "befriend who we are" and running allows you some time to meditate.

It's not easy...that's why those practiced in the art of meditation can sit quietly and comfortably, and not think, just be.  In this chapter, Doctor Sheehan is making the case that this solitary experience of "being" can come to you while you're running.  This is why such meditation is part of the total experience, of "running and being”.



THE BOOK YOU MUST OWN: "Running and Being - The Total Experience" published by Second Wind II LLC

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