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Sep 29, 2013

While faith is, by definition, unwavering; scientific understanding often and sometimes frequently changes, as new observations about our universe are uncovered and demonstrated.

Conventional wisdom, those faith sourced ideas that are so greatly accepted that they go unquestioned, is an  oxymoron...that is, a conjoining contradictory term.  In the case of running shoes and pronation we have long accepted the idea that:

  • neutral or cushioned shoes are helpful for those with high arches, 
  • stability shoes are best for those who over-pronote moderately and 
  • motion control shoes are best for runners with low arches and moderate to severe over-pronation. 

But the latest science...that is, the most recent clinical, organized observations, show that this is not true.

Critics against science will point to the ever changing theories and hypothesis that make the practice untrustfull and suspicious, while those with deep religious convictions will point out how their belief is something does not change in light of new evidence.

54% of American’s believe that human beings have evolved into our present form over millions of years, and that we have descended from other animals and life forms, such as the the Bonobo and Chimpanzee, who we split off from, in the family tree of humanity,  only 7 million years ago.  The conventional knowledge in this area has changed frequently since Darwin’s publication of “On the Origin of Species” in 1859”.

46% of American’s believe in the Abrahamic account of human creation, and consider the  idea of God creating humans 10,000 years ago a “creationist science”.  Lacking significant evidence and despite the increasing proof to the contrary, these people rely on faith, rather than science, to prove their point.

So that’s an example of where science and faith “butt heads”, and the discussion will go on and on; just as the discussion about pronation and the perfect running shoe will continue as new studies and investigations uncover new evidence and findings to better inform and educate those of us who seek to unravel the paradox of pronation.


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