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Aug 24, 2013

Oxford Massachusetts is typical quaint New England Village, in the Heart of Central Massachusetts that remains, after 300 years, a quaint country town with a long American history.  

The Europeans settlers from France and England were not the first to live here; but since it’s founding the town has managed to maintain both it’s charm and terroir; a less known gem in the commonwealth of Massachusetts and a place that I call home.

Last month, on July 31st, Massachusetts state representatives Paul Frost and Ryan Fattman announced that Bill H.3465, “an Act validating the date of incorporation of the Town of Oxford” had been passed.

“Nothwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, the date of July 8, 1713 is hereby ratified and confirmed and declared the legal and valid date of incorporation of the Town of Oxford.”

It was signed by Governor Deval Patrick on August 7th.

Oxford is a town, as it be needful.