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Jun 21, 2013

Over the years, I have spoken to you about all of the many benifits as to why running is good for you.  I’ve talked about the physical, psychological and even the spiritual benefits of this sport...but 

I’ve also tried to get across this point: that running is just one of the ways to improve your health, increase your level of happiness and extend the duration of your life.  I’ve told you that “Runners are special” but I’ve always been quick to admit that I’m not saying we’re better than  non-runners...we’re just different.  Think about some of the times you’ve run incredibly long distances, or gotten your miles in during a blizzard or heat wave...some might call us crazy, I prefer the word “special”.

But obviously there are other physical activities that can bring you similar benefits: for the purpose of today’s discussion we will consider the act of walking.  And the question to be asked and answered here is simply this: which is better for you, running or walking?

Now, look...let’s be reasonable...I have dedicated the last 8 years of my life...over 300 episodes answering the question with the choice to run.  I call myself “Steve Runner” I have drawers full of running Tee-Shirts and boxes of old running shoes that I keep hidden in my attick for the “Steve Runner Memorial Library” by grandaughters will no doubt, one day open...but if we’re going to consider Running versus Walking...we’d better turn to “SCIENCE”.


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