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Dec 2, 2012

The next episode of Phedippidations is a celebration of this podcast and the community of which it is a part...we’re celebrating not because of anything I've ever recorded, presented or produced...but because you stepped up and said you would participate...that you’d jam some ear buds in your head and at least go for a run with me....whether you've been listening since episode one or if this is your first; the honor to run with you is mine.

Thank you for that honor, for being a friend and a fellow runner.


“Further” by Long-View

"Baby Can I Hold You" by Tracy Chapman

Get some social perspective:

ONLY IF YOU LIKE IT: (But only if you can afford it) Phedippidations is supported every month through the very kind and sincerely generous financial support of 51 fellow runners:

William, Vera, Katie, Heather, Ryan, Chaise, Andie, Gordon, Scott, Mike, David, Jeff, Colin, Jason, Diane, Al, Cheryl, Ron, Mark, Martha, Greg, Jim, Maddy, Tim, Bill, Kevin, Michael, David, Doug, Vance, Brad, Rob, Marcelo, Andrew, Shawn, Roberto, Zaki, Ria, Jan, Margaret, James, Norm, Simon, Albert, Janice, Dan, Pam, Rob , Chris, Teresa

and one Anonymous fellow runner!


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