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Aug 3, 2012

Who are you?


When we contemplate those elements of our origins, personality and physical being…we have to consider our genetic history, the environment in which we were raised and live and, the behavior and stories of those who influenced our lives.


I come from a long line of farmers and fishermen, hard working people who worked the land and sea….growing potatoes, milking cows and living off the natural resources of a picturesque island named after the fourth son of King George the third, the father of Queen Victoria, and the Duke of Kent and Strathearn: Prince Edward.

I am descended from dedicated, persistent laborers with indomitable spirits and everlasting endurance: who cleared rocky fields, sailed rough seas and overcame obstacles that we would consider enormous. They met adversity with acceptance, fortitude and faith.

My ancestors were Scottish Catholics, devoted to their God and each other.  They had names like Angus, Theresa, Peter, Mary, Sarah, James, Donald, Ellen, Penelope, Allan, Johanna, Pius, Helena, and Glen.

They were Maritimers from Down East: They lived on a beautiful island between the Northumberland Strait and the Gulf of Lawrence. Immigrating to the suburbs of Boston, where they came to work and raise their families.

I am the 6th generation of a family of Scottish Catholic immigrants to the New World. 


All that I am, all that I have, all that I trust, believe in and follow are a result of those people who raised me, encouraged me, and gave me the opportunity to succeed. 


My parents, grandparents, Aunts and Uncles are my role models because of the way they were raised, and influenced by their parents, grand parents and long past ancestors who came to the new world from the old. 

I owe them everything; and in so many ways I live my life in honor of theirs. 

Who are you?  My guess is that we have a lot in common.  As fellow runners you take to the road in honor and celebration of those who made you who you are today.  It’s not a genetic thing, it’s an inspirational thing…it’s the stories of the people who lived their lives, overcoming adversity and setting a positive example for all of us. 


These are our forerunners, the people who would go on to raise parents who would one day raise us: and we owe them everything.




The song “Prince Edward Island (Is Heaven to Me)” was performed by Mac Wiseman with words and music by Harold Breau. You can find the tune on iTunes.


Some of the traditional island music heard in this episode was from a live concert in Charlottetown performed by the Chaissons, featuring Tim Chaisson at




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