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Mar 10, 2011


The term varietal describes an elementary form of something.  With wine, it’s the fermented product of a single grape.  With running, the word varietal describes the specific practice of a training element. 

With running as with wine it’s important to understand the differences between the fundamental elements that go into the final product, so that when the harvest is released: be it after bottling or on race day: the end result can be savored over time; with rich expressive notes and a fine lasting finish.

The concept of varietal is as useful to wine as it is to running.  It helps to define the unique elements that make up a good training plan, or great a Bordeaux, Meritage or Blended wine.   It’s important to understand each varietal and how they bring out the best in the end product of that which you seek to consume: be it the finish line of a 26.2 mile road race or the lasting finish of a remarkable bottle of wine.  Get to know the varietals that comprise your goals, and you’ll savor the glass or medal as you live your life to the top.



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