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Jan 14, 2011

As a runner, you have to discover and understand your own running Terroir.  You need to know how your environment, personality, geography and local climate influences your ability to perform.  In this sport, we are taught to listen to our bodies and the symptoms of over-use injuries: but before we can hear and feel these signals from our bodies: we have to know who we are as runners….not in relation to others of similar age, weight, sex and shape…but relative to where and how we train. 


Dr. George Sheehan has said repeatedly that we are each an experiment of one;


“Life is the great experiment” he said “Each of us is an experiment of one-observer and subject-making choices, living with them, recording the effects.”


Learn how your Terrior manifests itself in your body to make you the runner you have become, and you’ll better understand the range of your limits; which are far above and beyond what you might expect. 


You are an expression of the place where you become the runner you have always wanted to be.

With wine as with runners the stress brought on by the place where they develop has a direct effect on the type and quality of the end product.  Step back and consider deeply your own running Terroir, use the knowledge of your place and the special stresses it challenges you with and you will come to train better and become the quality runner that your place in this world can make you.



The song “This Place” was by Derek Clegg from Chicago.

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