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Dec 23, 2010

Today I’m going to read for you the final chapter of Dr. George Sheehans book “Running and Being – The Total Experience”.  I’m doing this in hopes that you might buy and read his book, and as a way of presenting you with an alternate special holiday episode of Phedippidations…a gift you don’t have to unwrap.


This chapter is very special to me, as I hope it will be for you.  It was the conclusion to a book that so inspired me, so enthralled me when I first picked it up, that I literally could not put it down until I finished it well into the early hours of the next morning.


I’ve read Dr. Sheehans book, “Running and Being” at least a dozens times since I first read the book; and this final chapter titled “Seeing” really sums up most of the major points made in the previous 17 chapters.


You can purchase the book “Running and Being – The Total Experience” by Dr. George Sheehan, at

The background music “I Saw Three Ships with Good King Wenceslas” was composed by Doug Boldt.