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Oct 3, 2010

PodCamp is all about podcasting, and using this medium to reach out to a community.  Since you and I are runners, and since we all listen to podcasts, you and I are a part of this thing…and since I’m eager to encourage everyone listening to my podcast to start up their own podcast, I thought it would be useful to dedicate today’s episode to what I learned at PodCamp.

PodCamp is first and foremost about community.  It’s not about selling a service or a product, it’s all about focusing on building personal relationships with other podcasters.  Think of it this way; you and I are a part of a running community of new media creators…we listen to running related podcasts listed on and we run with each other as we train for our next big race, or just get some miles in together because it feels good.  This is our podcasting universe: but there are other worlds than these…other podcast universes that have nothing to do with running: such as marketing, story-telling, science, comedy, news, politics, religion, and any other topic and genre you care to think about.  It’s here at PodCamp where these universes collide in a good way!


Thank you to Chris Penn who generously spent some time with me during his lunch break to talk about all things podcasting.  If you’re interested in social networking and marketing (a key element to the topic of podcasting) you need to get to know Chris Penn.



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The song “Get Over It” by THE Matthew Ebel