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Sep 12, 2008

A podcast is so much more interesting, entertaining, informative and intimate than a radio show.  When you subscribe to a podcast, you’re really joining a social club of like minded enthusiasts for whatever the topic of conversation may be.  Running podcasts are special in that they can be listened to while you, yourself, are out on your runs…or on a treadmill, or in the car on your way to or from work, or after your run as you do chores around the house.  A podcast is better than a radio show because it’s a conversation between the podcaster and you, produced and intended to be heard on a computer or, most naturally, an MP3 audio player with little ear bud head phones plugged into your head.

You know all this because you’re not just a listener to Phedippidations…you are a fellow runner; we’re in this together…and there are other running related podcasts out there that are much better than this one,  that I know you’ll enjoy if you’ll give them a listen. 

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The song “Independence Day” was the band Jesta, aka Bryan Page from the UK.