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Feb 27, 2022

Pain is a signal that something is wrong with your body…and yes, I know, I’ve run 22 marathons, I’ve experienced lactic acid buildup in my muscles and savored the joy of THAT feeling…and I’m sure there are some who enjoy a bit of pain for more discrete reasons…but those are rare exceptions to the rule that...

Feb 20, 2022

“That Feeling” is something that I would best describe as “satisfaction, relief, accomplishment and release”…it’s that feeling you get the moment you stop running at that moment when the running stops. It doesn’t last very long, that feeling…but it’s noticeable and enjoyable.

Feb 13, 2022

One day in a life is an opportunity to embrace a routine to improve the quality of your experience in the universe.

Feb 6, 2022

Carl Sagan once said that “Extraordinary Claims require Extraordinary Evidence”.

That’s probably true even for ordinary claims, such as not eating food will lead to weight loss.

It may be that by tracking my food intake, keeping my daily caloric consumption down around to about 1,500 a day and limiting when I eat...