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Sep 25, 2005

There’s an interesting behavioral quirk that many runners nurse and foster over the years, myself included.  We develop this need to seek acceptable answers to our medical questions which meet our demanding requirements, rather than submit to the expertise of our own assigned doctors.

Sep 18, 2005

Life is meant to be pounding, screaming with sweat and power: explosive and breathtaking with all the energy you can bring to a boil.  You are most alive, as a runner, living life to its fullest: on the road, as fast and far as you possibly can.  Greg Gumbinner lived his life to the fullest.  I run a race dedicated to...

Sep 9, 2005

What is pronation, and why do we need to understand our unique running gait?  I’ve often been told that I don’t pronate.  Other runners have been found to pronate "too much".  What does poor pronation mean to a runner, why is it a bad thing and what can be done about it are all questions answered (to some degree)...

Sep 4, 2005

There must be a reason.  There must be some compelling motivation to get any none runners out there to want to lace up their shoes and join the fun.  This episode was recorded from the Upper Richardson Lake in northwestern Maine, during a camping trip with my Dad, son and nephew.