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Indiana Jones Walker was my best friend.

A lemon beagle born on March 28th, 2009 in Swansea MA to Joey and Willow, Indy lived a great life and was deeply loved by his family: Lynn, Eva and Steve.

Indy enjoyed meatballs, sniffing for bunnies, playing “Chase-me Chasey” and “The Grrrr Game”, going for “walks” (i.e. dragging Steve around hunting for bunnies), howling at the neighbors, sleeping on his back, ripping the squeaker out of every toy he ever owned and watching our beloved Red Sox.

He was a good boy.

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The 14th Anniversary Episode of Phedippidations

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One the best friends I've ever had is sick.  I'm going to spend the summer making his life awesome.

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A Burns Supper is a remarkable event, and one that I highly recommend you attend. The poetry of the Plowmen Bard is romantic, sentimental, lustful, honest, satirical, humorous and authentic for the 1780’s in which he wrote through now and forever.


On the next January 25th, if you can find a Burns Supper being hosted near you: I highly recommend that attend. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the life of the Ploughman Bard.

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Just a quick catch up here to let you know I'm here and livin' large.

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