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“To be or not to be?”, that is only the second question we have to ask ourselves: the first is: Are we? or Are we not?  Do we exist or is this all just a dream? 


Descartes had something to say about all this, and it’s to Descartes that we will go, as we begin to contemplate that one thing that makes us appreciate the way it feels to run across the Earth, to feel the sweat, effort and joy of getting our miles in and moving these bodies that we either are or inhabit.  Descarte can help us begin the process of understanding why, as we run a race or by ourselves on the open road: we feel, very much alive.

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In this episode I present for you an abridged for podcast version of Henry David Thoreau’s essay “A Walk to Wachusett”. 


As you listen to these words, think about the excursion you might make wherever you live; knowing that you could cover the distance on a long run, but instead taking the time to walk and explore the world around you. 


This is one of the great lessons of Thoreau: that we should savor the journey and experience our environment.  It’s as Professor Nancy Etcoff said in my episode 274 on the Pursuit of Happiness: The pleasure system in our brain responds positively to the beauty of the natural world. 


 I love to run, as I know you do: but maybe every once in a while we should slow down, and just go for a walk.

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