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“From where he tottered before the couch, on muscles immune to elongation and contraction, Duncan contemplated his next move.  Opposite the lavatory, on the northern end of this dwelling, was his bedroom: unkempt and festooned with the discarded wrappings of many cakes, candies and snack treats; necessary supplements to his ongoing carbohydrate loading.”


This is the story of Duncan, a man without ambition or purpose who stumbles upon an idea that challenges his very existence and forces him to consider living a different life.  In this original story, I try to convey the importance of inspiration and how powerful positive examples can have to those who seek to live a better quality of life.




Trail Slammer's 100 Mile Ultrarunning podcast:


Book recommendations:

   Core Performance Endurance by Mark Vertegen

   Athletic Body in Balance by Grey Cook


Manzanita Beach Walk/Run:


The song “Go” was a new track by the band Stray Palace, a side project of Black Lab’s Paul Durham.  Go to to learn more and you can download this song at


The song “Make a Wish” was an instrumental composition by Dan and Adam Skinner

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The term varietal describes an elementary form of something.  With wine, it’s the fermented product of a single grape.  With running, the word varietal describes the specific practice of a training element. 

With running as with wine it’s important to understand the differences between the fundamental elements that go into the final product, so that when the harvest is released: be it after bottling or on race day: the end result can be savored over time; with rich expressive notes and a fine lasting finish.

The concept of varietal is as useful to wine as it is to running.  It helps to define the unique elements that make up a good training plan, or great a Bordeaux, Meritage or Blended wine.   It’s important to understand each varietal and how they bring out the best in the end product of that which you seek to consume: be it the finish line of a 26.2 mile road race or the lasting finish of a remarkable bottle of wine.  Get to know the varietals that comprise your goals, and you’ll savor the glass or medal as you live your life to the top.



The song “Rocky Road to Dublin” was by the Blaggards stout Irish Rock from Houston, Texas.  Check out all their great music over at


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