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Celebrities are people too.  They wake up in the morning, just as we do, they brush their teeth, they log onto their computers, they lace their own shoes, and they have to put in the same amount of effort as the rest of us in training for their marathons.


You could outrun Will Ferrell, Kim Alexis and President Bush if you dedicated yourself to the task.  There’s nothing special about someone who is famous. Their bodies undergo the same physics and chemistry that we are prone to experience…and while they may have financial advantages which give them access to experts and training tools that can help them run faster and further; in the end: they still have to get in their miles to achieve their goals…and if it helps to motivate you, their goals can be your goals…because you are just as good an athlete as they’ve ever been or will be.




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The universe has come together to create the unique and special life form that you are, with your hopes and fears, dreams and concerns.  The thoughts you form and the words you write and say constitute information, never to be duplicated information born of your mind that goes out into the world and has the potential, however remote the possibility, to outlive you and be shared with far future generations of people.


If you had the opportunity to send a message to someone in the year 3011, what would you say?  Would you tell them about yourself and your life?  Would you warn them about the dangers of hurting the environment or plead with them not to go to war?  Would you talk about love and joy, sadness and pain, life and death?


And if somehow you were granted this chance to speak to someone in the future, how would you get your point across?


I think the answer is obvious: poetry.  Poetry is a universal means of communication. 


“Poetry is a mirror which makes beautiful that which is distorted”, wrote the English Romantic Poet Percy Bysshe (Bish) Shelley. 


“Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.” Wrote the American poet Carl Sandburg.


And Plato wrote that “Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history”. 


It’s poetry, I tell you, that would get your message across the expanse of time.  It’s poetry that would most effectively allow you to speak from your heart and mind to a person who lived in a time where everything we know has changed.


You really need to consider what you’re going to say to future fellow runners…because this dawn of New Media and Social Networking is making these opportunities possible.


Although currently in it’s infancy, the infrastructure that is being assembled today will allow you to speak to your great, great, great, great grandchildren and to those of ages to come: and with that opportunity comes a responsibility to speak the truth and pass your information along…because there will never be another living creature like you in this universe again: and now is the time for your poetry.

Poetry is all about emotion and passion.  It’s this quality of the message that gets passed on through the ages and gives us that opportunity not only to speak to future generations: but to do so in a voice they’ll understand; for as long as there are human beings to read and understand the words of others, there will be poetry to pass along to common sentiment. 

Life and death, joy and sadness, passion and ennui.  These are the same feelings and emotions that human beings have shared since our species first began to walk the planet, and until the great technological singularity to come changes the way we might associate the human condition with past and future generations of beings: we’ll have poetry as a way of reaching each other through time and space.

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Gordon Scott:



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The song “Pretty Colored Lights” written, produced and performed by an amazing musical artist and poet: Warren Lain, from San Francisco, off his new CD: Phonofield. Check out this amazing artist and teacher at


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As a runner, you have to discover and understand your own running Terroir.  You need to know how your environment, personality, geography and local climate influences your ability to perform.  In this sport, we are taught to listen to our bodies and the symptoms of over-use injuries: but before we can hear and feel these signals from our bodies: we have to know who we are as runners….not in relation to others of similar age, weight, sex and shape…but relative to where and how we train. 


Dr. George Sheehan has said repeatedly that we are each an experiment of one;


“Life is the great experiment” he said “Each of us is an experiment of one-observer and subject-making choices, living with them, recording the effects.”


Learn how your Terrior manifests itself in your body to make you the runner you have become, and you’ll better understand the range of your limits; which are far above and beyond what you might expect. 


You are an expression of the place where you become the runner you have always wanted to be.

With wine as with runners the stress brought on by the place where they develop has a direct effect on the type and quality of the end product.  Step back and consider deeply your own running Terroir, use the knowledge of your place and the special stresses it challenges you with and you will come to train better and become the quality runner that your place in this world can make you.



The song “This Place” was by Derek Clegg from Chicago.

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I’m starting off the new year right by answering all of my email (or at least trying to).  In this episode of a goofy little podcast I respond to some of the messages I was unable to get to last year with hopes that I’ll be able to answer ALL of my email in the year of our Lord 2011.


Also, join me for a swim in the FROZEN Atlantic with friends on New Years Day, and I get to chat with friend and Mojo Loco Founder Adam Tinkoff as we discuss his vision for el Mojo Loco!



 “Whiskey in the Jar” was by the Blaggards

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