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We're traveling back in time on this episode; through six and a half years in PodCasting AND BEYOND! 

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When oenophiles think about wine, they rarely consider the sport of running with regards to it’s enjoyment; and when runners consider our passion for moving our bodies through space: the topic of wine is not chief among our hydration strategies.  Yet these two areas of interest have their complementary intersections. 

In this epsiode we'll visit some "Cool Races in Beautiful Places" where wine grapes are grown. 

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In the summer of 1975 I was a 13 year old skinny, big eared, pimply-faced teenager with a frown full of braces and a head filled with big ideas.  This was the first time I had ever been able to express my creativity to an audience greater than my immediate family, it was the first time I took a thought and converted it into something for others to experience.  My words, my story, my imagines, my voice and that of my friends Andy and James…we created a movie that entertained our family, friends and neighborhood for one magical night in the summer of seventy-five: The Summer of the Shark.

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Part two of a series of episode where we prepare ourselves to win an argument with a non-runner!

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In order to start the conversation that plants the seed of an idea into someone’s head that they might want to begin the process to adopt the running life style, you need the right ammunition: you need to commit to memory at least a handful of logical arguments that will make your proposal effective and produce results.

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“To be or not to be?”, that is only the second question we have to ask ourselves: the first is: Are we? or Are we not?  Do we exist or is this all just a dream? 


Descartes had something to say about all this, and it’s to Descartes that we will go, as we begin to contemplate that one thing that makes us appreciate the way it feels to run across the Earth, to feel the sweat, effort and joy of getting our miles in and moving these bodies that we either are or inhabit.  Descarte can help us begin the process of understanding why, as we run a race or by ourselves on the open road: we feel, very much alive.

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In this episode I present for you an abridged for podcast version of Henry David Thoreau’s essay “A Walk to Wachusett”. 


As you listen to these words, think about the excursion you might make wherever you live; knowing that you could cover the distance on a long run, but instead taking the time to walk and explore the world around you. 


This is one of the great lessons of Thoreau: that we should savor the journey and experience our environment.  It’s as Professor Nancy Etcoff said in my episode 274 on the Pursuit of Happiness: The pleasure system in our brain responds positively to the beauty of the natural world. 


 I love to run, as I know you do: but maybe every once in a while we should slow down, and just go for a walk.

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Philosophers have been asking the question “What is Truth” for thousands of years, as they try to determine if truth is subjective, objective, relative or absolute.


I think that we, as runners: have a special opportunity to both ask and, in some specific way, at least, answer the question for ourselves. 


Truth can be found in the hard work and determination we put into every mile; truth can be understood based on our personal experiences about what we can achieve and the goals we can accomplish: and truth can be felt in the exhaustion, sweat, agony and tears associated with the triumphs and failures of a life on the road.

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I propose to you that running can bring you great happiness, and since I know that I’m preaching to the choir here, I’ll ask you to consider how running can bring happiness to those in your family, friends and acquaintances whom you’ll meet in your life…and that no matter how sad or broken they and we may sometimes feel: we have an obligation and a certain unalienable right to engage in the pursuit of happiness.

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In this episode we tackle the philosophical question “Is it morally right to quit a road race?”.  For help in understanding the question en route to an answer, we call about the great minds of Professor Richard Dawkins, Immanuel Kant, Socrates, and Aristotle.

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The 6th Anniversay of Phedippidations.

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This episode of Phedippidations is intended to recreate for you the experience of running with fellow runners and friends.  On April 30th Team Poco Loco gathered in Boston Massachusetts to run a half marathon distance around the mighty Charles River.  

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This is the story of a fellow runner by the name of Katie who fought a good fight in that all too familiar way where all options are gone and the only thing left to do was to make a terrible agonizing choice:

“When you have nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire” 

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A tour of the Poco Loco Course


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“From where he tottered before the couch, on muscles immune to elongation and contraction, Duncan contemplated his next move.  Opposite the lavatory, on the northern end of this dwelling, was his bedroom: unkempt and festooned with the discarded wrappings of many cakes, candies and snack treats; necessary supplements to his ongoing carbohydrate loading.”


This is the story of Duncan, a man without ambition or purpose who stumbles upon an idea that challenges his very existence and forces him to consider living a different life.  In this original story, I try to convey the importance of inspiration and how powerful positive examples can have to those who seek to live a better quality of life.




Trail Slammer's 100 Mile Ultrarunning podcast:


Book recommendations:

   Core Performance Endurance by Mark Vertegen

   Athletic Body in Balance by Grey Cook


Manzanita Beach Walk/Run:


The song “Go” was a new track by the band Stray Palace, a side project of Black Lab’s Paul Durham.  Go to to learn more and you can download this song at


The song “Make a Wish” was an instrumental composition by Dan and Adam Skinner

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The term varietal describes an elementary form of something.  With wine, it’s the fermented product of a single grape.  With running, the word varietal describes the specific practice of a training element. 

With running as with wine it’s important to understand the differences between the fundamental elements that go into the final product, so that when the harvest is released: be it after bottling or on race day: the end result can be savored over time; with rich expressive notes and a fine lasting finish.

The concept of varietal is as useful to wine as it is to running.  It helps to define the unique elements that make up a good training plan, or great a Bordeaux, Meritage or Blended wine.   It’s important to understand each varietal and how they bring out the best in the end product of that which you seek to consume: be it the finish line of a 26.2 mile road race or the lasting finish of a remarkable bottle of wine.  Get to know the varietals that comprise your goals, and you’ll savor the glass or medal as you live your life to the top.



The song “Rocky Road to Dublin” was by the Blaggards stout Irish Rock from Houston, Texas.  Check out all their great music over at


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Fdip266: Running Builds Bigger Brains

We all know how running can improve our lives, our health and our disposition with the universe around us.  We know that running is part of a healthy lifestyle and that it can improve the condition of our cardiovascular systems, and that we have evolved as homo sapien sapiens from Australopithecus Africanus to run across the savanna in search of the meat from fallen animals.  The benefits of running are clear, and new evidence is being found that further supports this idea that we should be runners: because as we’ll learn with the workings of the inner brain: running is the smart thing to do!



The song “An Ordinary Guy” was written, performed, and produced by one of the most talented musical artists currently residing in this quadrant of the galactic spirally arm: Matthew Ebel; who creates incredible music right here in the Boston area.  Go to his website at

join his email list, see where he’ll be playing live, and buy one or five of his great albums at

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You and I are out on a run together.  As we’re getting our miles in we start to talk to each other to pass the time. This is where we get to know each other, where we start to open up a little and reveal ourselves as the persons we really are. 


You and I are different, with different backgrounds, different beliefs and different understandings of the universe around us.  I want to know what you’re all about, and you might want to know what’s going on in my teenie tiny little head.  So today, let’s acknowledge that we really are out on a run together, and I’m going to reveal to you a little bit more about who I am.


These are what I call: Intervals and I’ve even gone ahead and created a couple of podcasts where I express my thoughts in a rambling diatribe format, one is recorded in audio, the other in video, both are available on iTunes. 


In running, of course, an interval workout is one where you run hard for a specific duration or distance, such as once around a track, and then you run at a relaxed rate, or maybe even walk…during an interval between the running portions.


So while Phedippidations is a podcast where we have a conversation about running and running related topics; today’s episode will be an interval break from that.


Today I’m going to open up an audio family picture book of sorts, and tell you a few stories from my life.  There’s nothing earth shattering of deeply profound here…just a few snippets from a life I’ve lived that will better help you to understand this goofy middle aged, middle of the pack slightly asthmatic fellow runner who you run with each week.




The song “I am a Man of Constant Sorrow” was performed by, in order of appearance: The Soggy Bottom Boys and Dan Tyminski; Norman Blake, and John Hartford:

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Today I present the second in a series of episodes that I’m calling “Running Blogcasts” featuring the writing of fellow runners in our community who have a talent for the written word.  The author of today’s episode is Kim Cowart. (Kow-ahrt).


Kim is one of the writers for the “Reasons to Run” blog over at  She’s a 35 year old mother of two from West Jordan, Utah. 


Kim spent much of her childhood living in Eugene, Oregon where running is as common as breathing.  In her teens, she moved to Utah, where there is a large and very strong running community.  Kim has always run off and on, but it was after she had her second daughter that her love of running became more serious. 


It started with a 20 minute run, and before she knew it, she found herself registering for her first marathon.  She had never run a race before, ever.  Her husband says she’s an all-or-nothing kind of girl, and this just proved him right. 


Kim finished her first marathon alive and well and even qualified for Boston.  Since that day she has run nine marathons including Boston.  She plans to run Boston again this April as well as the New York Marathon and the Utah Grand Slam which is a series that requires runners to complete four major Utah marathons over the course of six months.  It’s that all-or-nothing part of her personality again.


While Kim loves to call herself a runner, she is many other things.  She is a mother of two beautiful little girls, the wife of a curly, red-haired bowling math whiz, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. 


Kim is a fitness instructor at a local gym where the members inspire her and bring her joy on a daily basis.  She is a jig-saw puzzle addict.  She was a high school English teacher in a former life.  Her astrological sign is Cancer, although she has no earthly idea what that means, but apparently is it important to some. 


She is a cyclist and spends as much time as she can in the beautiful Wasatch Mountain range riding with her friends in the summer.  She is a voracious reader of historical fiction.  She is an organizer and master list-maker.  She is a dancer, but only when she’s playing Dance Dance Revolution with her girls, so that probably doesn’t count.


It was a gym member who attends Kim’s spin classes who asked her to contribute to the “Reasons to Run” blog and it’s been a joy for Kim to be able to combine the two joys of her life: running and writing.  Her blog isn’t necessarily always about running, specifically, but it’s always the inspiration.  She hopes her honest thoughts about running, exercise, balance and finding joy in the simplicity of life will inspire others to get up and move and realize that it’s never too late to change for the better.  It’s her mission to tell people that life is good and it’s worth living well.  Running makes it all the sweeter.


I am honored that Kim would agree not only to let me re-publish her article from the Reasons to Run Blog, but that she took the time to read it for us herself….and did so on very short notice.  I present for you an amazing fellow runner, Kim Kowart, with her essay on a topic we can all relate to: Pre-Race Jitters.



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The song “Bound” was by Black Lab off their new album: Two Strangers.

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Celebrities are people too.  They wake up in the morning, just as we do, they brush their teeth, they log onto their computers, they lace their own shoes, and they have to put in the same amount of effort as the rest of us in training for their marathons.


You could outrun Will Ferrell, Kim Alexis and President Bush if you dedicated yourself to the task.  There’s nothing special about someone who is famous. Their bodies undergo the same physics and chemistry that we are prone to experience…and while they may have financial advantages which give them access to experts and training tools that can help them run faster and further; in the end: they still have to get in their miles to achieve their goals…and if it helps to motivate you, their goals can be your goals…because you are just as good an athlete as they’ve ever been or will be.




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The universe has come together to create the unique and special life form that you are, with your hopes and fears, dreams and concerns.  The thoughts you form and the words you write and say constitute information, never to be duplicated information born of your mind that goes out into the world and has the potential, however remote the possibility, to outlive you and be shared with far future generations of people.


If you had the opportunity to send a message to someone in the year 3011, what would you say?  Would you tell them about yourself and your life?  Would you warn them about the dangers of hurting the environment or plead with them not to go to war?  Would you talk about love and joy, sadness and pain, life and death?


And if somehow you were granted this chance to speak to someone in the future, how would you get your point across?


I think the answer is obvious: poetry.  Poetry is a universal means of communication. 


“Poetry is a mirror which makes beautiful that which is distorted”, wrote the English Romantic Poet Percy Bysshe (Bish) Shelley. 


“Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.” Wrote the American poet Carl Sandburg.


And Plato wrote that “Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history”. 


It’s poetry, I tell you, that would get your message across the expanse of time.  It’s poetry that would most effectively allow you to speak from your heart and mind to a person who lived in a time where everything we know has changed.


You really need to consider what you’re going to say to future fellow runners…because this dawn of New Media and Social Networking is making these opportunities possible.


Although currently in it’s infancy, the infrastructure that is being assembled today will allow you to speak to your great, great, great, great grandchildren and to those of ages to come: and with that opportunity comes a responsibility to speak the truth and pass your information along…because there will never be another living creature like you in this universe again: and now is the time for your poetry.

Poetry is all about emotion and passion.  It’s this quality of the message that gets passed on through the ages and gives us that opportunity not only to speak to future generations: but to do so in a voice they’ll understand; for as long as there are human beings to read and understand the words of others, there will be poetry to pass along to common sentiment. 

Life and death, joy and sadness, passion and ennui.  These are the same feelings and emotions that human beings have shared since our species first began to walk the planet, and until the great technological singularity to come changes the way we might associate the human condition with past and future generations of beings: we’ll have poetry as a way of reaching each other through time and space.

Special thanks to my friends who took the time to read some great poems:


Toni Harvey -

Kevin Gwin -

Maddy Hubbard:

Adam Tinkoff:

Gordon Scott:



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The song “Pretty Colored Lights” written, produced and performed by an amazing musical artist and poet: Warren Lain, from San Francisco, off his new CD: Phonofield. Check out this amazing artist and teacher at


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As a runner, you have to discover and understand your own running Terroir.  You need to know how your environment, personality, geography and local climate influences your ability to perform.  In this sport, we are taught to listen to our bodies and the symptoms of over-use injuries: but before we can hear and feel these signals from our bodies: we have to know who we are as runners….not in relation to others of similar age, weight, sex and shape…but relative to where and how we train. 


Dr. George Sheehan has said repeatedly that we are each an experiment of one;


“Life is the great experiment” he said “Each of us is an experiment of one-observer and subject-making choices, living with them, recording the effects.”


Learn how your Terrior manifests itself in your body to make you the runner you have become, and you’ll better understand the range of your limits; which are far above and beyond what you might expect. 


You are an expression of the place where you become the runner you have always wanted to be.

With wine as with runners the stress brought on by the place where they develop has a direct effect on the type and quality of the end product.  Step back and consider deeply your own running Terroir, use the knowledge of your place and the special stresses it challenges you with and you will come to train better and become the quality runner that your place in this world can make you.



The song “This Place” was by Derek Clegg from Chicago.

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I’m starting off the new year right by answering all of my email (or at least trying to).  In this episode of a goofy little podcast I respond to some of the messages I was unable to get to last year with hopes that I’ll be able to answer ALL of my email in the year of our Lord 2011.


Also, join me for a swim in the FROZEN Atlantic with friends on New Years Day, and I get to chat with friend and Mojo Loco Founder Adam Tinkoff as we discuss his vision for el Mojo Loco!



 “Whiskey in the Jar” was by the Blaggards

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