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This is our time.


With the changing of the calendar year it’s common for us to take the time to look back on the previous solar orbit, or look forward to our future.  This is a great exercise, to look forward without dwelling on the past: as we make our way through this adventure called life.   But, it think it’s even more important to consider our present….the now that we are existing in…today, right now.


This is our time.  The who, that we are has grown and become in such a way that we can experience the Universe around us….we are, in effect: a way for the Universe to know itself; and I know that sounds deep…but it isn’t.


Consider that we, as human beings, are made of flesh and blood whose elemental construction has it’s origins in an enormous universal expansion that began 13.7 billion years ago…we are made of star dust…ever replenishing cells made of carbon atoms, hydrogen and oxygen that have through biology formed into the creatures we are today.


Trillions upon Trillions of inanimate objects and animate lifeforms have existed before us, and ga-zillions of intelligently aware creatures will exists when we are gone; and time will move onward towards an inevitable state of inaction where the universe and all the matter that it ever created will come to a stop: and space will enlarge to a point where time has no meaning, and there will be no way for the universe to experience anything: it’s a depressing thought, this asymptotic heat death of everything that has ever been: when the universe reaches a temperature of absolute zero.


So, this is our time: it’s a reason to celebrate.  We are here, today: with a purpose to make the world just a little bit better than it was before we got here.  It’s a pretty good purpose, and yes: while the far imagined future may lay waste to all we’ve done and accomplished physically: there is more to life and purpose than that we can touch and see, feel taste and smell.  I’m not here to provide spoilers for the significance and importance of the purpose that even the eventual heat death of the universe can’t destroy: but I’ll ask you to think about that…think about your now, and how in 20 years, 30 years, 50 years from right now you might look back and wax nostalgically about the things you’ll do today.


This is our time to live, to experience and to perform random acts of kindness as a way to make the world just a little…teenie…tiny bit better than it was before we got here.


There’s an old Irish blessing and toast that I’ll leave you with, with sincere hope that we’ve left 2010 behind us, that we’ll have a wonderful 2011 and that we can all appreciate the gift of the present.


“May your troubles be less,

And your blessings be more.

And nothing but happiness

come through your door. “




Alde Land Syne by  J.E.L.L.i  at and by Mario Ajero at

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Fdip258: Dr. George Sheehan: Seeing

Today I’m going to read for you the final chapter of Dr. George Sheehans book “Running and Being – The Total Experience”.  I’m doing this in hopes that you might buy and read his book, and as a way of presenting you with an alternate special holiday episode of Phedippidations…a gift you don’t have to unwrap.


This chapter is very special to me, as I hope it will be for you.  It was the conclusion to a book that so inspired me, so enthralled me when I first picked it up, that I literally could not put it down until I finished it well into the early hours of the next morning.


I’ve read Dr. Sheehans book, “Running and Being” at least a dozens times since I first read the book; and this final chapter titled “Seeing” really sums up most of the major points made in the previous 17 chapters.


You can purchase the book “Running and Being – The Total Experience” by Dr. George Sheehan, at

The background music “I Saw Three Ships with Good King Wenceslas” was composed by Doug Boldt.

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The friends who I ran the Mojo Loco with are listening to this right now, Chris and Chris, Eddie, Nik, Dan, Mat, Susan, Steve, Samantha, Norm, Adam  and Maddy. 


They’re wondering to themselves: “How is Steve going to tell this story? How will be express the narrative? What imagery will he call upon? What great message will he send forth throughout the tubes of the Interwebs to tell the world about this Mojo Loco?


So this is for my fellow teams mates; dedicated runners all; who accepted the challenge and call of the Mojo Loco and contributed by their presence to a happening: 


Guys, I thought about it…I really did.  In the days following the Mojo Loco I had a lot to digest, thoughts and ideas, feelings and revelations. 


I know you did as well.


I could have told the story of how we met at the Starbucks in Daytona Beach and drove North to St. Augustine.  I could have told the story about the many stops we made along the way and the twelve legs of a run we accomplished together.  It would have been a good story: interesting, entertaining and fun to hear; but it wouldn’t have been a GREAT story.


The GREAT story that I wanted to tell was all about YOU. 


Each of you brought something of yourselves to this event, where the whole of our group was far greater than the sum of its parts.  YOU are the story that needed to be told here, and if you want to call that wishy-washy mumbo-jumbo gobbily goop: go for it, but you know I speak the truth.


What we did, together, as a Team, is something so important…something that everyone who’s listening to the sound of my voice right now, can and must become a part of. 


If indeed, we are indomitable as a team of thirteen runners from around the world, then other Mojo Loco events must be organized, and other teams assembled: because think about the good we can do in this world.  Think about how we can motivate and inspire others to lace up their shoes and use their athletic potential for creative and social good!


The Mojo Loco wasn’t about bib numbers and racing forms, entry fees and complementary tee-shirts.  It was about US, It was about Chris Russells good humor, and Eddie Marathons sincere kindness, Nik’s artistic talent and Dan’s great ability for prose. 


The Mojo Loco was about Susan’s perseverance, Marathon Chris’s dedication, Samantha’s joy of running and Matt’s exuberance for sport.  It was about Adams creativity, and Norms determination, Steve Choppers generosity of friendship, and Maddy’s inspirational passion.


This was an event, never to be duplicated yet oft to be repeated.  The story to be told here was all about the Team: the runners who came together to share the road and our time.


Of this you can be certain: there will be other Mojo Loco’s, and other opportunities for this team and others to meet, run, talk and savor the luxury of each others companionship.  Something magical happened on December 11th, between the cities of Saint Augustine and Daytona Beach Florida: something that developed in ten hours the way a fine wine might improve over ten years. 


Thirteen acquaintances: like minded souls brought together through social networking and new media met for coffee and became good friends.


That’s the promise of el Mojo Loco…it sounds crazy, it sounds ridiculous: but you who experienced know better: and through each of us, so will our community.


It was, without a doubt, an incredible honor to meet and run with you; but it was a special precious privilege to become your friend.


Viva el Mojo Loco


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The history of wine is the history of civilization.  It’s a story that dates back to the earliest days of agriculture and encompasses the life and times of our ancestors who consumed wine for both pleasure and ceremony.  When we raise a glass today, we are tasting more than just a fermented grape juice which technology has perfected into a form of liquid art; we are tasting the product of history; an ancient beverage that friends have shared over the millennium at the end of their long and arduous days shaping the world into a better place for themselves and us, their descendants.




Ancient Wine: The Search for the Origins of Viniculture by Patrick E. McGovern and Robert G. Mondavi (Jan 2, 2007)


And the second is titled


A Short History of Wine by Roderick Phillips (Nov 12, 2002)


America's a Nice Italian Name by Allan Sherman

“Wine Woman and Song” by Johnny Ferreira

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Get to know the parts and materials that make up your running shoes, and you’ll be a better consumer of the one critical tool needed to reach your goals as a runner. Whether you’re looking to run your first marathon, set a PR or BQ or just want to run at your own pace for the joy of it…wearing the right running shoes will make the difference between surviving through the miles, or savoring every moment you’ll have, on the road.



The song Skullcrusher Mountain was by Jonathan Coulton at

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