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It was worse than you can possibly imagine.

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Can't think of anything to talk about today, but that's not a bad thing.

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In Florida with my grandchilden.  I love them tree-si-so, and want to be with them every day (but not "all day" every day).  THAT is the best part of being a grandparent.

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It's Day 18, not 17.  I can't count.  Today I talk a bit about the Massachusetts proposal to switch New England back to the Atlantic Time Zone.  If we can legalize pot, surely we can change the clocks.

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Another one of my favorite poems.  This one strikes deep.  All that we love will one day be gone.

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One of my favorite poets with one of my favorite poems.

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20 years ago a toy was born that, for reasons I cannot explain, fascinated me.

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In Part Two of my brief discussion about THE GREATEST SCIENCE FICTION ENTERPRISE IN HUMAN HISTORY (Doctor Who), I give advice on how to watch the show, for those who might be interested yet have never "dabbled in the timey wimey".

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A brief introduction into the character of "The Doctor".

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There's nothing new that you will learn, there's no further reason to suffer his message.  For your own peace of mind, do what I do: just block the guy.

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