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Our Holiday Vacation to Florida is coming to an end on Thursday, but today we're hanging out at the beach.

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Happy Xmas from Cape Coral Florida.  We took the grandkids out on a boat and enjoyed the dolphin experience thing.

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Twas the day before the 25th day of this thing that I'm doing, and just as with the other 24 days...I talk and talk and talk about stuff.

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I bought my wife a gift for Xmas.  I was going to get it for her anyway.  The REAL gift was spending two weeks with her in Florida.

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My grandson Chris takes to the microphone with me today as we discuss his situation with Santa.

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It was worse than you can possibly imagine.

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Can't think of anything to talk about today, but that's not a bad thing.

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In Florida with my grandchilden.  I love them tree-si-so, and want to be with them every day (but not "all day" every day).  THAT is the best part of being a grandparent.

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It's Day 18, not 17.  I can't count.  Today I talk a bit about the Massachusetts proposal to switch New England back to the Atlantic Time Zone.  If we can legalize pot, surely we can change the clocks.

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Another one of my favorite poems.  This one strikes deep.  All that we love will one day be gone.

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