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Running the Groton Road Race was like running with an old friend I had never actually met, with one friend I had met before and another I’ve known for years through the running community of which I am a part.

This was our pack.  Not in the lead, nor all the way at the back…but a pack of three friends running 6.2 miles through a beautiful colonial New England town.  

Alett, John and I could have run at our own pace; we could have run with the goal of setting our own PR’s and attacking the course to the very best of our abilities…but for the three of us, good conversation and camaraderie was the goal for the day…and we ran together as friends, fellow runners…and most of all, as a pack.


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“A Dogs Purpose” By W. Bruce Cameron 


June 16th: Liberty Loco – 

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We should be proud of we are, and act as a positive examples for others: but at the same time remain wary of vanity – because while we are certainly worthy of having pride in our actions and through our running: we’re not all that, and a bag of chips.

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This is a story of passion, determination and guts in a marathon road race that is very much like the one you may have, or may one day run.  It’s a story that demonstrates the importance of experience, the rage against physical limits and the strength…of youth.

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This was Ernest Hemingway, a man who inspired his readers to stand up against facists and bullies, while in many ways he tended to be somewhat of a bully himself.  Hemingway lived his life to the fullest, and set an example to everyone who knew him to turn to nature, both on land and sea.

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The guy who said it was a “miracle that he had the courage to start” is full of crap.  Courage has nothing to do with starting a road race, and he’s a fool to push that slogan on new runners.

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Treadmilling is not a bad thing.  But I think everyone listening to me understands that given the choice between running in place for an hour within your home, or at a gym and moving outside, under the sky, within the elements and across the ever-changing terrain of your place: the more significant way to exercise is the one that lets you better experience the world around you.

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Today we’ll hear from six fellow runners (including myself) who will relate to you their personal stories about “Their First Times”.

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Today is my 50th birthday.  

I was born at exactly 7:48 PM Eastern Standard Time in the maternity ward of Milton Hospital on Reedsdale Road and Highland Street in the town of Milton, Massachusetts on January 19th, 1962.

Turning 50 feels good, because it’s good to be alive.  The milestone reminds me to take a walk break in this race, and turn to look behind me to see how far I’ve come.  The past 50 years of life included great joy, terrible sadness, and the agony and ecstasy of blood, sweat and tears…but I wouldn’t trade any of it.

Regrets I have, many in fact: but those regrets are all part of a life well lived: a life, lived to its top.

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We're traveling back in time on this episode; through six and a half years in PodCasting AND BEYOND! 

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When oenophiles think about wine, they rarely consider the sport of running with regards to it’s enjoyment; and when runners consider our passion for moving our bodies through space: the topic of wine is not chief among our hydration strategies.  Yet these two areas of interest have their complementary intersections. 

In this epsiode we'll visit some "Cool Races in Beautiful Places" where wine grapes are grown. 

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